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T3 -

"The 80W amp in this active loudspeaker combines with Bluetooth connectivity to create a fearsome addition to your audio arsenal. If your traditional roots stil won't acknowlegde wireless audio as a 'thing', though, wired connections include twin USB ports, optical digital inouts, a stereo analogue connection and a trusty 3.5mm jack."

OLi-POWA-5 Speakers

Record Collector

Record Collecter, the UK's longest-running music monthly, carries an excellent review of the OLi POWA-5. Appearing in the June issue's exclusive audio review spot, the mag says the powered speakers sound 'admirably open and spacious with solid bass and, for the cabinet size, quite meaty'. Nice work.

Financial Times

We were extremely proud to read the review of our OLi POWA-5 Bluetooth-enabled speakers in the Weekend edition of the Financial Times. Appearing in the esteemed How To Spend It magazine supplement, and tested by respected technology journalist Jonathan Margolis, the POWA-5 speakers claimed an outstanding review. Indeed, the leading newspaper said the speakers 'look fantastic' and 'could sell for twice the price'!

Mac Format

The Roth OLi POWA-5 wins its ‘Desktop Speakers’ Group Test in MacFormat! The Roth model is the only entrant to receive five-stars in the final standings.

  1. Final Results
  2. Audio engine A2+ 4 stars
  3. Creative T30 Wireless 3 stars
  4. Edifier Luna Eclipse e25 3 stars
  5. Harman Kardon Nova 4 stars
  6. Roth OLi POWA-5 5 stars
  7. Wharfedale DS-1 4 stars

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